The inventions behind big and beautiful imagery

Imagine ballet above the clouds. Imagine haute couture in misty woods. Imagine opera on the moon. We have created the inventions making it all possible!

Big Image is best known for printing the biggest seamless images in the world, on materials no one else can handle. We have been trusted by the world’s biggest stages since 1987.

The results of our inventions and our craftsmanship can be spotted in famous Netflix series, Chanel runways and Broadway shows.

To become famous for printing the biggest seamless images in the world we first had to invent our own premium printer. One that could handle seamless prints on soft materials up to 600 square meters, which corresponds to approximately 12×50 meters (40×150 feet) in size. So that is what we did!

Our engineers spent three years inventing the printer we named Infinitus. We take pride in understanding the vision for artistic expression as well as the need for perfection, this guides us in our innovation process. Infinitus can print on one or both sides of cotton fabric. It uses water-based ink that achieves ultra-rich colors and deep, dark blacks. We launched this proprietary technology in 2013 and have been continuously improving its capabilities since.



An innovative printer deserves innovative material preparation. Cotton fabric, which is made of warp and weft threads, must be properly prepared before it is printed. Together with students at the Technical University of Berlin, we therefore developed a cotton fabric preparation machine. Giving the cotton threads identical distances between each other, which is what the machine does, is a must to print a straight motif.



Another impactful innovation developed by us is the possibility to print double-sided premium quality big images. This makes it possible for theater and event professionals to achieve a range of effects by varying the way a single fabric print is lit.


Imagine being able to change the scene from day to night only by the flip of a light switch. Or to make a new motif appear by printing on both sides of the fabric. Explore the endless possibilities with our Translight series.


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