Lightbox with northern light

Photo: Josefin Jönsson

When the Swedish National Space Agency participated in the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) in Paris for the first time in almost 40 years, they wanted to do something special but sustainable at the same time. Together with Big Image, they developed an exhibition pavilion that really caught people's attention.

Swedish pavilion at the International Astronautical Congress in Paris

The Swedish pavilion at the International Astronautical Congress in Paris. Photo: Josefin Jönsson

One major reason why the Swedish National Space Agency chose to work with Big Image was the sustainability focus, according to Jonas Appelberg, a communications officer at the Swedish National Space Agency.

From the start, it was clear that you are a company that thinks sustainably, that you don't just build something and then throw it away in Paris. The space sector is not really known for being a green sector, but at the same time, we work very closely to the Earth and we know how the Earth is doing - and not doing. We have an environmental focus in all the research we do. 

A Swedish space

IAC is the world's largest space conference and brings together industry professionals from all over the world. The Swedish National Space Agency makes it possible for the Swedish space industry, researchers, and schools to showcase themselves at the conference. Therefore, the goal was to create an exhibition pavilion that felt Swedish, where there was both space to showcase products - everything from large rocket nozzles to small processors - and space for meetings and networking.

As the Swedish National Space Agency is a small organization, it was important to have a complete solution, with a supplier who was responsible for everything from concept and production to logistics to transport the material from Sweden to Paris and build the pavilion on-site. This was something that Big Image could offer.

We knew we wanted something big and 'spacey' on the wall, Jonas explains. Using the Northern Lights was an idea we had because it represents both Sweden and the Nordic countries, and much of Swedish space research is based on it.

To be able to display the Northern Lights in a dynamic way, Big Image suggested a large dynamic lightbox. In addition, we created a reception desk with storage, plexiglass boxes for different products, carpet, and walls. All in all, quite a lot, but packed up it was just one roll and a few boxes.

Jonas was very satisfied with the result:

It turned out better than expected! It became a beautiful and harmonious pavilion that stood out from the crowd; everyone who passed by stopped. It was clear that it wasn't just a packaged solution but a complete concept that was both Swedish and pleasant in its expression.

The benefits of reuse

The lightbox now adorns the office in Solna, which has also been complemented with wallpapers featuring space motifs. There are also the specially made charging stations and parts of the carpet that Big Image cut to fit the entrance. The beautiful boxes were bought by a space company in Gothenburg that uses them to showcase their products.

Reusing the products from the conference is of course both economical and a good way to invest in one's own business. But above all, it is good from an environmental and climate perspective, says Jonas.

We feel that if we can, we should!

Swedish National Space Agency, office

Wallpaper with space motifs now adorns the Swedish Space Agency's office. Photo: Josefin Jönsson

Swedish National Space Agency, office

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