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Can a Fabric Backdrop Conceal a World of Changing Visuals?

Can a Fabric Backdrop Conceal a World of Changing Visuals?

To incorporate several technical and visual experiences into the set design and at the same time keeping budget is a challenge many set designers face. Every stage has its unique dimensions and configurations, where the challenge often lies in mastering the art of maximizing the available space to create depth and dimensionality. This involves crafting sets that create the illusion of larger environments within confined spaces, enhancing the audience's immersive experience.

At Antonio Bandera’s theatre Teatro del Soho, Malaga, set designer Alejandro Andújar was working on the set design for “the Company”. Andújar wanted the audience to feel like they were in New York which made them come up with the idea to integrate a fabric backdrop with, not only the stage, but also part of the audience. On top of that the design team had a vision of performing projection onto the printed fabric image to show various meteorological changes such as clouds, snow and storms.

Andújar had at an earlier point heard about the company Big Image; a family business within premium printing, acoustics engineering and light solutions, best known for printing the biggest seamless images in the world. He was curious about the idea of a double-sided printed image, in this case a day-to-night drop. The Translight Fabric Day-to-Night is a drop with a day image printed on the front and a matched night image printed on the back. The drop makes it possible to achieve realistic shifts between all times of the day through simple changes in lighting. In Big Image he found a partner to achieve his artistic vision. Thanks to the almost 360-degree photo and the specially built stage it was possible to install the premium printed image into the audience, allowing them to experience New York as a citizen.


And how did the projection end up? Thanks to the fine qualities of the cotton fabric and its non-glare surface showing various meteorological changes such as clouds, snow and storms worked out perfectly fine.

“The most difficult part of the project was to test the possibility of projection onto the printed image, but thanks to the quality of the fabric we were able to achieve this.” – Alejandro Andújar

In summation, Alejandro Andújar's set design for "the Company" at Teatro del Soho, navigated the balance between technical innovation, visual enchantment, and budget considerations. Collaborating with Big Image, the project realized a captivating blend of New York City's essence, seamlessly extending the cityscape onto the stage and among the audience. Through attention to detail and the seamless fusion of projection technology with premium printed fabric, Andújar's vision blossomed into an unforgettable theatrical experience that transported the audience into the heart of a dynamic metropolis.

Big Image top 3 tips about Translight Fabric

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Light as your paintbrush

Harness the true artistry of Translight Fabric by thinking of light as more than just illumination; it's a transformative tool. With the Translight Day-to-Night, you're not just changing brightness levels, you're evolving your entire scene from a morning sunrise to the deep blue of midnight. The transition is seamless, making the experience realistic and enthralling for the audience. As a set designer, communicate closely with your lighting director to understand the nuances of each light adjustment and the visual spectacles they can create.


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Think Monumental

With the capability to print up to approximately 12x40 meters using the specially-developed Infinitus machine, the Translight Series prompts you to envision on a colossal scale. Expansive backdrops without unsightly seams can become the cornerstone of your design, drawing audiences into the narrative.

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Dual Dynamics for Depth

When planning your designs for the Translight Magic, a drop with one image printed on the front and another one printed on the back, you need to have in mind you’re creating a two-tiered visual experience. The double sided prints allow for a layered storytelling approach – an image for the foreground and another that reveals itself when backlit. This depth adds complexity and intrigue to your sets. Contemplate themes, contrasts, and visual surprises that can be unlocked with a simple switch in lighting, ensuring every scene has its own element of revelation

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