Imagine acoustics that enhance design, interior and ambiance at the same time! Like this tailored sound absorbing ceiling.

When the internationally celebrated restaurant concept designer Benjamin Calleja finally took on the challenge of creating a restaurant concept for himself, he launched a segment he calls “fast fine pizza”. The first unit of the luxurious pizza place 1889 was placed in the heart of Stockholm. The aesthetic experience was absolutely key but equally important was the ambience coming from acoustics, music and the ability to have a soft conversation over carefully crafted pizzas. In Big Image he found a partner, where he could discuss the aesthetic acoustics needs, and solve the problems as “creative to creative”, instead of “customer to supplier”. The results were both beautiful and sound efficient. So efficient that when opening the next unit less speakers than planned were needed.


No detail is too small when making it big.

Making music and soft conversation part of the experience without compromising design

1889 wanted music to be an integral part of the fast fine brand. They wanted to give staff a harmonious working environment and guests the opportunity to enjoy soft conversation among banging plates and music. Acoustics were essential to make these wishes merge. Traditionally, acoustics had been part of the problem, rather than the solution, according to the experienced restaurant conceptualizer behind 1889. Something often integrated with compromise to design. The wish when turning to Big Image was to make acoustics decor contribute to the experience.

Artsy acoustic ceilings and flying acoustics light boxes

With 1889 located in a mall, there were a lot of restrictions about what was possible. In addition, a kitchen comes with a need of washable solutions, not the regular case for acoustics decor. At the same time the client, coming from a design- and architectural background, was one of the most demanding people you can find when it comes to design on point with concept.

These three challenges demanded both out-of-the-box thinking and design understanding, traits that Big Image takes pride in when creating tailored, brand new solutions. The results, according to the client, came to life beautifully as well as practical and efficient.

Benjamin Calleja, owner of 1889 fast fine pizza:

“I consider Big Image an innovative partner that really understands the challenges from both a results perspective and a design perspective, and that takes responsibility from imagination to installation. A combination hard to come by.”


“I wasn’t the only one impressed with the results! The guests quickly commented on the ease of conversation, and the DJ´s and Bose sound engineers celebrated how the room handled the sound system and made the music justice. This is the first time I have seen acoustics contributing to a design concept instead of making it less design. And cherry on top, we even needed less speakers installed in the coming units we opened after the first one where we developed the aesthetic acoustic solutions together with Big Image.”

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