Imagine an art installation poured out of your mind, no detail left behind, all imagination turned into reality. Photo: Mikael Lundblad

When the freshly started architectural firm ASKA took on the project of designing the new head quarter for the professional hair care brand Maria Nila, they both wanted to create something truly unique, with attention to smallest detail and making the core of the brand with its vegan origin ooze. With inspiration from organic forms and soft natural colors. Big Image was called in for turning some of the most important details into reality like the art installation in the entrance and the coral reef inspired acoustical solution.


No detail is too small when making it big. Photo: Mikael Lundblad

When crazy ideas become reality

The Swedish word “Aska” (ashes) is the minimal remaining component, the residue and essence of epochs, places and materia that has passed. Retaining the potential to reshape, model and form into something new. This is ASKA’s philosophy, finding the essence in the brand which for Maria Nila is of course their professional hair products which was important to bring forward right from the beginning when you enter the building.

Aska was surprised when they met Big Image. There are not many companies in that genre with so many special competences within fabric, materials, colors, craftwork, and installation. This combined with a warm, familiar welcoming. At Big Image they felt their artistic ideas could be made justice.

“As a creative architect it’s common you pitch crazy ideas but most often, they won’t go through because it’s hard to find the right supplier willing to take on challenging projects. Big Image is creative and excited to try something new and with the competence to solve production and installation which was crucial to even make the clear acrylic installation come true.”

Coral reef inspired acoustical solution & the taste of more

Another important installation was the acoustical solution for the main office. On this floor the colors go in a pastel peach and pink pallet inspired by coral reef which ASKA also wanted to recreate in an acoustical solution. Big Image solved it by crafting cut outs of our sound absorbing material and later cover the figures in neutral cotton which gives off a luxurious touch.

“The tailored sound absorbers even they became a piece of art that contributes with design. That they are covered in cotton fabric gave a luxurious feeling and not a single wrinkle can be seen.”

The entrance has given ASKA a lot of recognition in media, both national and international. The custom-made clear acrylic panels have their own unique shapes and are covered in a premium printed adhesive foil. After several tests, the perfect color match was found. Together with the mirrors the whole hallway is experienced like a never ending, three-dimensional entrance and you’re captured in the world of Maria Nila. ASKA believes architects should integrate pieces of art more in their projects. This creates a strong connection to the brand, both for ASKA and for Maria Nila.

”To be able to realize our ideas left behind a feeling of wanting more. Our own creative barriers moved and all we want to do is create more and different creations.”

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Photo: Mikael Lundblad


Photo: Mikael Lundblad


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