With events attracting millions of engaged visitors and viewers, perfection is the only option.
Photo credit: Felicia Kyrling

At DreamHack the gaming community comes to life. Starting off in the basement of an elementary school in Malung, Sweden, in the early 1990s it has transformed into a production company specializing in esports tournaments and gaming conventions. It is recognized as being the world’s largest LAN party and computer festival with the world’s fastest Internet connection, and the most generated traffic. In order to match the physical experience with the online one during their events, a world class supplier of premium prints is DreamHack’s only option. In 2008 they turned to Big Image.


No detail is too small when making it big.

Turning creative ideas into reality

The needs for DreamHack include everything from script cards for the presenters on stage, to booths that ensure value is provided for partners and sponsors, to gigantic backdrops that set the scene and frames the experience for the visitor. In order for this to work, the creativity is equally important as the craftsmanship.

“We seldom come to Big with a list of detailed orders containing standard measurements, rather ideas that we collaborate on and they help materialize. One order can contain over 200 images in all sizes and every single time, no matter the location, Big has delivered on time and with perfect quality.”

On point delivery – every time and everywhere

The team at Big Image always does a dry run and assemble frames and similar in the studio before installation in the venue. This way any potential hiccups are avoided even before they can become an issue. However, with decades of experience running huge events all over the world, the DreamHack team knows all too well that an additional need can arise at any given moment.

“The best part is knowing that if we realize we need something else, the flexibility is there to make it happen. We can come to them with any problem and feel confident that they will find a way to solve it in time. With the type of events that we host, this sort of complete trust in our supplier and the fact that nothing is left to chance is critical.”

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Photo credit: Adam Antor


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