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Avicii Experience. Foto: Jansin & Hammarling

The Avicii Experience is a tribute museum dedicated to one of the true icons of modern popular culture. A destination for fans and the public to celebrate the memory of an era-defining music creator. The immersive exhibition gives the audience a closer look at the life of the artist Avicii and the person, Tim Bergling. 

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Photo: Jansin & Hammarling

"I wanted to tell the story of Tim Bergling," says the exhibition's curator Ingmarie Halling. "But I didn't want it to be a sad exhibition, his tragic ending must not take over the joy he brought with his music. Therefore, I focused mainly on his artistry, as a musician and composer." 

Ingmarie Halling has extensive experience in creating exhibitions, including previously working with ABBA The Museum in Stockholm and ABBAWORLD in London, Sydney and Melbourne. After a successful collaboration with ABBA The Museum, the choice to turn to Big Image again was easy. 

One of the challenges this time was the small exhibition surface, with low ceilings and fairly small rooms. But this did not stop the creative process. 

"I work very organically and comply with what I have in front of me. Of course, I have an idea, but I can change my mind and think again. In this Big Image is an asset, you are always very helpful and flexible. In addition, it´s always good to have more people to talk to. I think it´s important to have employees and suppliers who understand this and doesn´t hit the ceiling if you change your mind. I have to be free in my mind. "

Emotions are essential to Ingmarie, when working with an exhibition. She wants to find that thing that grabs you, that makes the visitor take something with them after they have left. 

"I want to find that “wow” factor. But not only wow as in massive, big and wide - but also in the little things. That's something that you guys at Big Image understand." 

Rethink and think again

A big view of the L.A skyline plays an important part of the exhibition, a view that Tim Bergling spent many years of his life gazing over. The original plan was to use a big LED screen with a film that shows how the view changes over time, from dusk till dawn. But it felt misplaced and Ingmarie was afraid that the heat from the screen would harm the many original instruments in front of the screen. Instead, they decided to use a big lightbox with sound absorbers. 

"It turned out great! I hadn't worked with light boxes before, but now we were able to create a room in the room. It's exciting how to rethink and think again. That you can use old techniques and get a better result than you originally imagined." 

Together with the light designer, they managed to create a completely unique effect, which could not have been achieved in any other way. And Ingmarie is very pleased with the result: 

"Suddenly it just happens! You don't see the effect if you just walk by quickly, but if you stand and look for a while, you'll find it. WOW!" 

Only imagination puts an end to what can be achieved

Everything was ready in time for the opening, ready for both new and old fans to experience and remember Tim Bergling and his music.   

"I can't think of anyone who wouldn't enjoy working alongside Big Image," says Ingmarie. "It´s only the imagination that puts an end to what can be achieved." 

Avicii Museum_08-approved for SOME

For the Avicii Experience, Big Image built lightbox constructions, integrated with sound absorbers and some of the constructions were curved along the walls. Photo: Jansin & Hammarling

Interior Avicii Experience

The constructions made it possible to integrate digital solutions. Photo: Jansin & Hammarling


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