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Cotton fabric whispers stories of limitless creativity, when premium printed serving as the perfect backdrop for theatrical transformations. The Translight Series showcases our innovative spirit, as an example our Day-to-Night drop allows you to transition between the realms of day and night - all without changing a thread, but merely by manipulating lighting. It empowers set designers & creators to change between different atmospheres, moods and even motifs.

Designed for grand stages and ambitious visions, the Translight Series boasts the capability to be double-sided printed on dimensions up to approximately 12x40 meters (40x135 feet). This is made possible through Infinitus, our state-of-the-art machine developed in-house, which ensures perfect quality on a grand scale. And in the hands of our skilled crafters, we ensure to do your artistic vision justice. Read more about the different techniques here below.

Translight Fabric

Translight Fabric features a double-sided print with the same motif on both the front and the back. We replicate the motif on each side to maintain vibrant colors and prevent glare. This technique gives the backdrop a rich depth when backlit, allowing for various moods to be crafted simply by adjusting the lighting.

For Don Quichotte shown at the Wexford Festival Opera, Big Image produced this seamless cotton backdrop of an atmospheric dusk sky, 13x8 m premium printed. These photos show the same backdrop with different lighting. Photo: Clive Barda


Translight Day-to-Night

With Translight Day-to-Night, you can swiftly transition a stage from day to night in just seconds. This product enables the creation of realistic transitions throughout the day with simple lighting adjustments. It's double-sided: a daylight image is printed on the front, paired with a corresponding nighttime image on the back.

For an event organized by Gracian Collection at Fotografiska, Big Image premium printed the image of the Nobis Hotel with a day-to-night effect.


Translight Magic

Double the experience with Translight Magic. Crafted on cotton fabric, each side showcases a unique image. When lit from the front, only the primary image is visible; when illuminated from behind, the hidden magic of the secondary image is revealed.

Big Image premium printed a Translight Magic drop for the stage setting of "Der König stirbt" at the Schlosspark Theater in Berlin. This drop showcases the enchanting sight of trees and ravens that come to life when illuminated from behind. Photo: ©DERDEHMEL/Urbschat


For the production "The Monsters in the Mirror" shown at Gateway Arts in Singapore, Big Image crafted 58 Translight Magic images. These motifs come to life, transforming under different front and back lighting. Additionally, the images was used for projection, adding a whole new dimension to artistic expression. Photo: Gateway Arts Limited

132114_Monster_in_the_mirror_translight_gateway_theatre_24 (1)-min
132114_Monster_in_the_mirror_translight_gateway_theatre_12 (1)-min

Big Image premium printed a Translight Magic drop and flooring for the stage setting of "Crevasses", a production by Iceland Dance Company. When illuminated from behind, the motif printed on the back comes to life while the motif on the front fades away. Photo: Ragnar Axelsson (RAX)


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