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Rooted Responsability

We do artistic ideas justice.

Big Image is a culturally rooted family business within aesthetic acoustics, light solutions and premium printing – best known for creating the biggest seamless images in the world. We produce and integrate imaging, lighting and acoustics, into rooms and onto stages, for customers with the highest aesthetic standards. We’ve been trusted by the world’s biggest stages since 1987. We take pride in understanding the vision for artistic expression as well as the need for perfection.

Join us in our Stockholm Studio or Berlin Studio, where big ideas are born & bred. Meet our team of artists, printers, tailors and engineers. Environmental considerations and social responsibility – through technological progress and business culture – are woven into every aspect of Big Image.


Be yourself

At Big Image, we encourage individuality. We believe that being yourself is vital, and we provide a platform for employees to express their own qualities. Equality is a fundamental principle for us and we celebrate our differences, emphasizing quality and competence. Our board and ownership reflect a balanced representation of men and women, ensuring diverse perspectives and promoting fairness.

Not only do we aim to implement sustainable practices within our own organization, but we also guide our customers towards better and more sustainable alternatives.

We are also dedicated to making positive contributions to the communities in which we operate.

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Werner Schäfer falls in love with the idea of blowing up photos into their rightful size, to convey their message and emotion in the best possible way in any given context. As the innovative man he is, he decides to find a process that makes it possible to share this with the world. Read more about Werner’s entrepreneurial journey.

On the Inside



At Big Image, we believe in fostering a supportive and inclusive environment where every colleague feels valued. To enhance interpersonal connections and cross-cultural understanding, we regularly hold a "this is me fika," a twenty-minute session where team members can exchange conversations. This initiative not only strengthens our work culture but also serves as a platform for those learning languages and other cultures. We prioritize sustainability in our social events, one way we achieve this is by cooking our own food and minimizing the use of disposable items. In the same spirit we also offer amenities such as organic and fair-trade coffee, tea and fruits.



At Big Image, we prioritize the well-being and comfort of our staff. From providing equipment assistance, such as loading large textile rolls into machines, to enhancing workplace ergonomics with soft carpets in both the office and production areas. We also foster a sense of community and promote physical health by gathering daily for team stretching exercises. Except from encouraging through health and wellness subsidy, we offer a gym in our studio and organize weekly workouts together. Twice a month our employees can enjoy rejuvenating massages. We prioritize employee well-being through a supportive work environment designed to proactively promote health and prevent illness.


Learning & Education

We believe in continuous learning and provide opportunities for personal and professional growth. Workshops, tools, and information about sustainability are provided every month, empowering our team members with knowledge and skills.

We collaborate with educational institutes to develop educational programs, support faculty and student projects and offer presentations & tours in our studios. Read more about our educational programs here. We partner with the Swedish Public Employment Service to offer internships in our studios. These opportunities are intended to serve both newly arrived foreign-born individuals and individuals who have encountered barriers to employment due to factors such as previous health-related leaves of absence. These internships frequently serve as a stepping stone to full-time employment.

Empower change

Committed to our values, we proudly uphold Re:fuse, rejecting anything contrary to our principles. . We advocate for human rights and firmly reject animal experimentation when developing new inks and refusing messages promoting weapons, drugs, or rights violations. Beyond our workplace, we support Doctors Without Borders globally and encourage local blood donations through "GeBlod" for our Swedish team. Our periodic involvement in projects, like the "Våga vara dig själv" collaboration, drives positive transformation. Join us in making a difference, please reach out to us if you have a suggestion where we can make a difference.

Insights from Within

At Big Image, we  take the well-being of our team seriously. We listen, adapt, and strive for equality, including our board, celebrating the many nationalities that make us who we are.

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